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Focusing on player development so that each player has the opportunity achieve their goals! 

"Do what it takes today, so you get what you want tomorrow!"


About C2G

Welcome to C2G! 

My name is Jarell English and I'm the owner and founder of C2G! Growing up I played football up until high school, where I found and fell in love with the game of basketball. Like most kids, I had my eyes set on a Division I Scholarship, and like most kids I had no idea what it would take to obtain this. I dedicated myself to getting better, spending hours upon hours in the gym. I was blessed to receive an offer late in May of my senior year. Although I didn't get the DI Scholarship, I personally did everything I could to try and get it. What I was lacking was someone with experience telling me not only what to do, but also how to do  it! This program is for those kids that are willing to grind, and our coaches are going to show you the what and the how to do it!

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